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Tenant Quotas and Limits

This page describes the rate limits for all PaaS GDN customers. Each quota applies on a per-Region basis unless otherwise specified.


Please reach out to if you would like to request higher limits.

All Tenants

Name Quota
Max Request Per Minute Per Region 200
Max Document Size 400 KB
Max Documents per Query 1000
Max Query Execution Time In Ms 10000
Max Memory per Query 256 MB
Max Fabrics Per Tenant 2
Max Collections per Fabric 25
Max Query Workers per Fabric 10
Max Graphs Per Fabric 10
Max Indexes per Fabric 10
Max Query Workers Calls per Fabric 1000
Max Query Workers Calls Per Day 1000

Free Tier Tenants

All free developer accounts have the following additional rate limits. Please note, these are hard limits and API calls will be denied once these limits are hit. Quota's are reset every 24 hours.

Name Quota
Max Requests per Day 20,000
Max Storage per Day 200 MB